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Dr. Frans Brouwer offers cultural management, education, research and consultancy to artists, cultural institutions, universities, schools of arts and other organisations.
He is specialised in lecturing and supervising students with their research, project development, interdisciplinary and international projects, strategic and executive leadership, and financing, as well as writing and editing texts.
His competencies also include other kinds of productions. Frans Brouwer is active in an extensive international network.

To find the right balance between emotion and reason, between artistic quality and organisational success, he strives to put the artist's work and cultural heritage first, in order to find a genuine and true "translation" for the cultural consumer. Knowledge, skills and experience make up the basic elements of his expertise. His positive approach helps to create inspiring ideas and stimulates his cultural entrepreneurship.

Frans Brouwer works in an informal style with room for the participation of the customer.
He is especially interested in the borderline between artistic expression and scholarship, and embraces a wide range of cultural expressions.
Frans Brouwer